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Celebrate the Man. Support the River

James Holland

With James at the helm, in just over a decade the Altamaha Riverkeeper has grown to one of the state's most active and powerful grassroots environmental groups. Now James is retiring, and the time has come to thank him for all he has done for nature and people in Georgia.

We honored Altamaha Riverkeeper James Holland for his spirit, dedication, and service at a celebration on May 1, 2010 in historic Darien. This spectacular celebration is not to be missed.

Festivities includee:
A reception to honor James and a chance to wish him well as he goes into his retirement which we know will be filled with fishing and nature-photography nirvana. The reception was held from 4-6:30 p.m. at Open Gates Bed and Breakfast, built in 1876.  Friends and colleagues are invited to roast James with a favorite story and thank him publicly. Reception, $25

The reception featured:

  1. Randall Bramblett: Singer, Songwriter and Musician.
  2. A tribute performance by nationally known author and founding board member Janisse Ray
  3. Trapeze dance artist Susan Murphy, creator of Canopy Studio, an aerial dance, movement arts, and performance center in Athens.

A special gourmet dinner with James followed the reception, a unique and memorable experience.  James went from being a crabber to one of the 100 most influential people in Georgia. The dinner was held a short walk away at the new River House Restaurant in a beautiful antebellum home. A photographer was on hand to take your photo with James.
 Dinner and reception, $250

ARK is seeking event sponsors. Demonstrate your support for James Holland and the Altamaha Riverkeeper’s evolution into the next decade. Sponsors will be listed on the invitation and receive the following benefits.  Please check the level you wish to participate, tear off this section, and mail with your check in the enclosed envelope.

  1. Watershed Sponsor: $1500 - Admittance for 4 to the reception and dinner
  2. River Sponsor: $1000 - Admittance for 3 to the reception and dinner
  3. Stream Sponsor: $750 - Admittance for 2 to the reception and dinner
  4. Wetland Sponsor: $500 -  Admittance for 1 to the reception and dinner

Sponsors please send checks by March 20 so we can list you on the invitation.
All other guests please send checks by April 12.

  1. Reception and Dinner: $250 per person
  2. Reception Only: $25 per person

Make reservations or become a sponsor now!

ARK welcomes your tax deductable contributions to support our work

Create a Page for James’ Memory Book

To celebrate his retirement, and to thank him for a decade of leadership and service, we are creating a “Memory Book” to be filled with tributes and greetings from his friends and colleagues, something that he will be able to look at over and over. Create a one page letter. It should be 8 1/2 by 11, to fit in a plastic page protector. Make it however you like. Say whatever you like. It can be one sentence or a full page. It can have photos, drawings, mementos, poems, a painting. If you create the page in a computer format, you can email it to Altamaha Riverkeeper's email address: and we will print it and add it to the book or mail page to:
Memory Book for James
c/o Waters
895 Catherine T. Sanders Road
Reidsville, GA 30453

Thanks to Everyone Who Made This Party Possible

Upon his retirement, the Altamaha River’s keeper
receives a well-deserved tribute

By Sandy Pharr and Janisse Ray | The Darien News | May 13, 2010

James Holland's Retirement Party Photos

...and more photos

"Our River's Keeper, Tribute to James Holland Upon His Retirement" by
Janisse Ray

View Invitation

Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island creates slides in honor of James' work

James Holland Interview Part 1
Interview with James Holland - Part One

James Holland ARK Riverkeeper Interview 2
Interview with James Holland - Part Two

News Stories on James Holland's upcoming retirement

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Tribute to James Holland, Altamaha Riverkeeper on his retirement
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Founder of Altamaha Riverkeeper Retires.
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