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Hall of Shame: Academy Creek Water Pollution Control Plant: Brunswick

The Atlamaha Riverkeeper reported this site to the EPD on July 7, 2005.  Paper, scum and what appeared to be a condom were collecting  around the pipe and trees. Thanks to the EPD for taking action on this problem.

Update on Academy Creek Sewage Treatment Plant - February 2007 >>>

Report from complaint against the Academy
Creek Sewage treatment plant on 7-6-05 >>>

Another Shameful Day at Academy Creek Sewage Treatment Plant (10/23/05) >>>


The city of Brunswick and its police department would like help finding people who are illegally dumping trash near the city's marina - or anywhere else.

John Butts, public works director, suggests that people get the perpetrator's tag number and call the city at 267-5586 or 267-5570 or call the police.

Illegal dumping carries a fine of up to $1,000 and six months in jail. Butts said the city commission may consider making the penalties stiffer. Read more >>>


7-6-05 Academy Creek WPCP Sign

7-6-05 Black dried scum on grass

7-6-05 Condom

7-6-05 Effluent pipe and black pipe withpaper

7-6-05 Paper and dried scum in bushes

7-6-05 More paper near bank on limbs

7-6-05 Paper handing from trees and underwater

7-6-05 Scum on aquatic vegetation

7-6-05 More scum and paper

7-5-05 Something unidentified floating
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