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The Altamaha River

The Altamaha River watershed drain more than one-fourth of the state of Georgia making it one of the largest river system in the eastern United States. It tributaries include the Ocmulgee, the Oconee, the Ohoopee, the Yellow, Appalachee, the South, the Alcovy the Little Ohoopee and Little Ocmulgee Rivers.

More than 30 percent of Georgia's $80 million commercial fishery and about one third of Georgia's $350 million recreational fishery are based in the Altamaha. A growing ecotourism industry is taking root in this watershed as well.

More than 100 rare, threatened and endangered species call the Altamaha watershed home-seven of them are not found anywhere else in the world. The small creeks and streams that feed this bountiful estuarine ecosystem are the nursery grounds for commercially and recreationally valuable fish. Upstream from the delta are the remains of mighty cypress swamps and hardwood bottomland-echoes of what was once wild Georgia.

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